7 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools in 2024 [Free & Paid]

A list of the 7 best paid & free reverse email lookup tools in 2024. Find out who's behind any email address and identify unknown contacts with these tools.

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7 Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools in 2024 [Free & Paid]
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We all have a mixed feeling about emails!
They're great for keeping us connected and in the loop. Yet, we constantly battle spam and phishing emails, threatening our security.
But what's worse? Receiving emails from unknown senders. It could be a job offer, a potential client, or a scammer.
What do you do? Risk your security by clicking or miss out on an important opportunity? It's a tough call!
But there's a solution: reverse email lookup tools! They help you find information about the sender.
Curious to learn more? In this blog, we'll explore the 7 best paid and free reverse email lookup tools of 2024. So, let's begin!

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

Reverse email lookup is a method to identify the sender of an email by searching for information associated with the email address. It allows you to uncover details such as,
  • The sender's name
  • Aliases (if any)
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Sender’s photo
  • Social media profiles

What are Reverse Email Lookup Tools?

Reverse email lookup tools are online services that allow you to search for information about individuals or organizations based on their email addresses.
You input an email address, and the tool scans public records, online directories, and social media platforms to find any instances where that email address is listed.
These tools can be useful for verifying identities, investigating potential scams or fraud, and reconnecting with lost contacts.

Why Use a Reverse Email Lookup Tool?

Did you know how many people use emails worldwide? Around 4.48 billion!
Every day, they send and receive around 361.6 billion emails altogether.
But there's a problem: many of these emails are spam, about 3.4 billion of them! In fact, research shows that each person gets about 21 spam emails every day.
It's a big issue, but tools like reverse email lookup can help you stay safe online by checking who's sending them emails. Not only that, it can help you with many other things.
Using a reverse email lookup tool is beneficial for both individuals and businesses, primarily for four key purposes:

1. Conducting background checks

Before you hire someone or start working with them, it's smart to check if they're telling the truth. Surprisingly, 78% of job seekers lie on their job applications! A reverse email lookup tool can help by giving you important background details about them.
You can also use an email lookup to find out more about people you might do business with. Some tools can even show if someone has had money problems before, like if they went bankrupt. This way, you can avoid working with people who might not be honest in business.

2. Validating online transactions

Did you know that nearly 1 out of every 4 people falls for online shopping scams? As more people buy things online, the danger of getting scammed remains. But you can stay safer by using a reverse email lookup. It helps you check if sellers have been dishonest before, making sure your transactions are secure.
Also, marketers can benefit from verifying email addresses collected through various tools to ensure the legitimacy of sellers and buyers. This step minimizes the risk of encountering bounced emails and helps maintain the integrity of online transactions.

3. Protecting against cybercrime

Regardless of business size, the threat of cybercrime looms large. Data shows that about 1.2% of all emails sent are harmful phishing emails. That's a huge number—3.4 billion phishing emails sent every day!
Using a reverse email lookup can help you figure out if an email is real or a scam, protecting you from harmful messages. It's like a safety tool that helps find and stop fraud, keeping people and companies safe from losing money to scams.

4. Reconnect with contacts

If you've lost touch with a friend or family member, remembering their email can help you find them again. A reverse email lookup tool can search through their emails and find helpful details like their phone number, address, or even their new name if they've gotten married and changed it.

7 Best Paid and Free Reverse Email Lookup Tools

Here are the top 7 paid and free reverse email lookup tools in the market. You can compare the key features and pricing to choose the one that fits your requirements.

1. Spokeo

Source: Spokeo
Source: Spokeo
Spokeo is one of the best free reverse email lookup tools. It has over 12 billion records about consumers and offers accurate information. The tool is affordable and very easy to use. You can simply visit the website, enter the email address and get all the information you want.
With Spokeo, you can search for people using four options - email address, name, phone number and address. They regularly update and clean their database to make sure it's accurate. Overall, the tool is accurate, reliable and very easy to use.
Key Features
  • Spokeo collects historical data, property info, business records, and social network details
  • Search through social media, public records, and directories
  • Offers reverse email lookup search results in just a few seconds
  • Reports offer contact info, personal details, location history, social media profiles, and more
  • Access public records like criminal history, family links, and online profiles
  • Enterprise plans cover lead generation, skip tracing, legal discovery, and fraud prevention
  • Use their free email lookup tool to find email owners
  • Spokeo lets you opt out to stop your info from being shared or sold
  • Reach their US-based customer support team via call or email
  • Basic Reverse Email Lookup: Free
  • 7-Day Trial: Pay $0.95 once, then $29.95 per month after
  • 1-Month Membership: $19.95 every month
  • 3-Month Membership: $14.95 per month
  • Professional: $69.95 each month

2. Reverse Contact

Reverse Contact is a tool that changes how businesses and people connect. It takes an email and gives you useful information that goes into your CRM. Its main job is to get LinkedIn data using an email. As a business owner, you can use this data to offer personalized services.
But Reverse Contact does more than just a free reverse email lookup tool. It also helps you to make lists of specific employee or company data quickly. This way, you can easily get important info about the people you are connected with and make smart decisions.
Key Features
  • Personal and business reverse email lookup
  • Turns emails into LinkedIn data for your CRM
  • Helps to find LinkedIn contacts and generates employee/company info from emails
  • Delivers accurate and timely data
  • Reveals anonymous sign-ups and provides contact/company details from emails
  • Offers unique CSV search or API options, suitable for different prospecting approaches
  • Provides comprehensive LinkedIn profiles for individuals and companies
  • Free Trial: 20 free credits
  • Basic: $99 per month (2000 credits)
  • Growth: $299 per month (10000 credits)
  • Enterprise: $999 per month (100000 credits)
  • Unlimited Partnership: $2,499 (unlimited credits)
Pay-As-You-Go Packages:
  • $200 for 2,000 credits
  • $300 for 5,000 credits
  • $800 for 20,000 credits
  • $2000 for 100,000 credits
  • $5000 for 500,000 credits
  • $8000 for 1,000,000 credits

3. Social Catfish

Social Catfish helps you find information about people through reverse lookup. You can search using emails, phone numbers, usernames, addresses, or even images. Just enter an email and get details like the user's name, social media profiles, and professional information.
This free reverse email lookup tool helps you check if someone is trustworthy before you start talking to them. They also give tips on how to stay safe from scams and fake people online.
Key Features
  • Securely find and verify business/customer info easily
  • Verify email IDs, spot spammers/scammers, and prevent fraud
  • Discover details about everyone connected to a specific email
  • Complies with privacy standards like CCPA, NV, and Global Privacy Control
  • Verify images and social profiles to ensure authenticity and avoid catfishing
  • Keeps searches private and secure, protecting users' information
  • Confirms the identity of people met online
  • Reliable customer support via calls and email, with helpful support docs
  • Basic Reverse Email Lookup: Free
  • Advanced Reports: Custom pricing

4. BeenVerified

Source: BeenVerified
Source: BeenVerified
BeenVerified is a background check website that can also look up email addresses in reverse. It searches online to find real names, other names people use, addresses, and social media profiles. It has many features for accuracy, convenience, and data security. The latest addition is Identity Hub, which helps users manage their reports.
You can use BeenVerified on a desktop or laptop, with versions for Windows and Mac. Support is available online, by phone, or by email. It's a subscription-based service with different tiers to choose from.
Key Features
  • Get detailed contact information
  • No one gets notified when you look up the sender's email
  • Property Search helps locate nearby properties and provides related details
  • Identity Hub allows users to monitor their reports for person and property searches
  • Call Block feature lets users block or unblock calls and removes spam calls
  • Expanded report sections include schools, numbers, vehicles, and more for detailed reports
  • Safety Check quickly verifies information on sex offenders for neighborhood safety
  • 1-Month Membership: $29.99 per month
  • 3-Month Membership: $19.49 per month
  • You can try it free for 7 days

5. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is another free reverse email lookup tool you can use. It keeps you anonymous and gives you the sender's full name and contact info. Plus, you can search its big 43-billion database for more details.
It's useful for reconnecting with lost relatives or friends, checking out new acquaintances, or researching potential business partners. PeopleFinders offers various searches like reverse phone lookups and background checks.
Key Features
  • Search by full name, first letter of last name, full address, or city and street
  • Detailed checks on individuals including contact info and property records
  • Access to over 43 billion records from hundreds of sources
  • Conduct searches anonymously for user privacy
  • Uses many public records for comprehensive searches
  • Offers various ways to find info about an individual, not just name searches
  • Mobile app available for Android and iPhone, supporting searches and data security
  • Easy to use, no special skills needed to explore databases
  • Standard Membership: $24.95 per month.
  • Premium Membership: $29.95 per month
  • You get a few free searches

6. That'sThem

Source: That'sThem
Source: That'sThem
That'sThem is an online platform with tools to find people and information about them. It's easy to use—just type in a person's name or email address to get results from a big database. That'sThem is known for its accurate email lookup.
It gives detailed info on social media profiles and contacts. But remember, there are only a few free results, and sometimes data presentation may not be perfect. Also, if you're worried about your data, you can opt-out to keep all your information safe.
Key Features
  • Get user details by providing an email ID
  • Provides accurate results from trusted sources
  • Find details like name and address using a phone number
  • Search for a person's details using their physical address
  • Find contact info using an IP address
  • Find info about previous vehicle owners and other details
  • Allows 10 lookups per day
  • Simple interface for easy use
  • One-Month Membership: $19.95 per month
  • Three-Month Membership: $14.95 per month
  • You will get 10 free lookups per day

7. PeopleLooker

Source: PeopleLooker
Source: PeopleLooker
PeopleLooker is a top reverse email search tool. You can search by name, location, or country. It even has a B2B search engine for business needs. It helps avoid scams and frauds by spotting imposters online.
This tool also works for phone searches, address lookups, and finding unclaimed money. Background reports include detailed info like names, contacts, court records, and criminal history.
Key Features
  • Your reverse email searches remain private without notifying the subject
  • Easily find and analyze properties, including past owner data
  • Norton-certified data security systems protect your personal information
  • Fill out forms to prevent your information from being sold or shared
  • Ensures adherence to legal standards
  • Receive notifications for changes in past search reports
  • Get assistance via phone and email during specified hours
  • Access PeopleLooker via their Android app
  • 1 Month: $23.99 per month
  • 3 Months: $19.19 per month (billed at $57.57 per quarter)
  • You will get a 7-day free trial for $1

Factors to Consider When Choose the Best Paid or Free Reverse Email Lookup Tool

When picking the best reverse email lookup tool, remember that they're not all the same. Some are better at accuracy, some are easier to use, and some have extra features. So, consider these important factors:

1. Accuracy

It's important that the tool provides correct and up-to-date information about email addresses. This ensures that you get reliable results when you use the tool to search for someone's details.

2. Database Size

A larger database means that the tool has more information to search through. This increases the likelihood of finding the information you're looking for, such as a person's name, phone number, or social media profiles, associated with the email address.

3. User-Friendly

The tool should be easy to use and navigate, even for people who aren't tech-savvy. A user-friendly interface makes it simpler to input the email address you want to search and understand the results that are returned.

4. Search Options

Look for a tool that offers different ways to search, such as by email address, name, or phone number. This gives you flexibility depending on the information you have available and increases your chances of finding the right person.

5. Advanced Features

Some tools offer additional functionalities beyond basic email lookup, such as social media integration, background checks, or comprehensive reports. These advanced features can enhance the tool's usefulness and provide more insights into the email sender's identity.

6. Cost

Consider whether it is a free reverse email lookup tool or if there's a cost involved. If it's a paid tool, check what features are included in the paid version and whether it's worth the investment based on your needs.

7. Privacy and Security

Make sure that the tool takes your privacy seriously and has measures in place to keep your information safe. You want to feel confident that your personal data won't be misused or accessed by unauthorized parties when using the tool.

8. Customer Support

It's helpful to have access to reliable customer support in case you encounter any issues or have questions about using the tool. Look for tools that offer responsive customer support through various channels, such as email or live chat.

Verify, Validate and Manage Emails With VerifyMagically

Do you want to streamline your business's reverse email lookup process?
Well, you need to verify and validate the email list first. This way, you can easily filter out emails that are inactive or no longer working. It helps to,
  • Save time and efforts
  • Prevent issues such as bounced emails
  • Reduce the risk of spam
  • Ensure that communications reach the intended recipients
Take this scenario:
Imagine you're a marketer trying to make your email campaigns better.
But, uh-oh! You're finding lots of emails from reverse searches that don't work.
What now? Well, you can fix this by using VerifyMagically.
It checks your email list to make sure all the emails are real and active. That way, you'll save time and make sure your emails reach the right people, making your campaigns more successful.

What is VerifyMagically?

VerifyMagically is an email validation tool that helps you to easily verify and validate bulk emails. It's trusted by many companies for its reliability, accuracy, speed and pricing.
With this tool, you can ensure that your email list is not only accurate but also up-to-date and safe from potential risks. Seamlessly integrated, it boosts the efficiency of your email management tasks.

Key Benefits of Using VerifyMagically

  • Real-Time Risky Validation: Validates all types of emails, including risky ones, in real-time, resulting in 20% to 30% more verified emails compared to other tools.
  • Integration with Reverse Email Lookup Tools: Seamlessly integrates with reverse email lookup tools, allowing you to verify and validate email addresses efficiently.
  • Bulk Processing: Regardless of volume, it can validate email lists with the highest accuracy, ensuring efficiency for both small and large volumes.
  • Superior Accuracy: Maintains a high accuracy rate (99%), ensuring that verified emails are reliable and up-to-date.
  • High Speed & Efficiency: Offers lightning-fast verification, enabling users to transform lead lists into actionable data swiftly.
  • Seamless API Integration: Provides APIs for single and bulk validation without rate limits, including real-time catch-all risky email validation.
  • Cost-Effective: Pricing starts at $36 per 10,000 verifications, making it cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.
  • More Verified Emails: Helps to obtain more valid emails compared to other verification tools, thanks to its advanced validation algorithms.
  • Ease of Use: Features an intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to navigate and utilize its advanced functionalities.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Offers round-the-clock customer support to address any queries or concerns promptly.
The best part? With VerifyMagically, you get 250 free credits to kickstart your email verification process without any credit card requirement.

Optimize Your Email List With VerifyMagically!

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Wrapping Up

These top 7 paid and free reverse email lookup tools offer a range of features for verifying email addresses. From basic searches to comprehensive reports, they cater to various needs. However, for those seeking seamless integration, reliability, and accuracy, VerifyMagically stands out as a top choice, ensuring your email list is accurate, up-to-date, and secure.

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